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These are only some of our well known clients. See below what they and other customers are saying about us....

I have already recommended Lone Star Land Enhancement, Inc. to a couple of friends. I actually showed them video before and after and of the machine working. The experience was great and I wish I would have called you four months ago. It would have saved me a lot of work.  C.K.  Hawkins, TX

Steve... thanks for your good work. Appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail as well.
Nice to get to know you! Take care...Be safe.  C.G.  Tyler, TX

Aero Estates Texas
Safari Waters TX
East Texas State Fair
Splash Kingdom Texas
Tyler Junior College
Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge
Pine Cove Christian Camp

Texas Parks & Wildlife

UT Tyler

Tyler Junior College

East Texas State Fair

City of Lindale

Faulkner Park - Lindale

Mineola Nature Preserve

City of Palestine

Davey Dogwood Park

Splash Kingdom

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge

Rockin’ C Ranch Christian Camp

Pine Cove Christian Camp

Day Spring United Methodist Church


Safari Waters Estates

Brown’s Landing

East Shore Estates

Arp Strawberry Addition

Fort Houston Properties

Brandon Energy

Brandon-Kidd Drilling Co.

Craig Ranch

Exxon Mobile

Bobbitt Construction, Inc.

USA Environmental, Inc.

Envirocare, Inc.

Parson’s Government Services, Inc.

Dallas Gun Club

Texas Land & Lakes

City of Irving

Windemeer Estates

LouTex Contractor’s Inc.

James Houser Consulting Forestry

Gibson & Associates

Stonegate Ridgecrest

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I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed working with you guys. Steve had taught me so much and I appreciate all the patience with me (particularly as I changed my mind and added things on a daily basis!) I have already, and will continue to, recommend you guys to others in the area with my highest level of confidence. Any time you need a referral or for someone to come out and see what can be done with a piece of property that has been neglected for years, please just let me know!! T.W.  Lindale, TX

LSLE made a concerted effort to determine exactly what we wanted done and did not stop working until they did everything we asked them to do.  I think your [land clearing] service is excellent.  We would certainly use you again because we appreciated your quality work and the manner in which we were treated.  A.S.  Marshall, TX

Lone Star Land Enhancement, Inc. was careful to fully understand owner's needs for area cleared.
I have already recommended LSLE to a neighbor.  D.L.  Mineola, TX

Lone Star Land Enhancement does great work and he's a great man to work with.  K.O.  Bryan, TX

I like your work and openness / honesty.  R.B.  Tyler, TX

They do good work, do what they say they will do, and charge fairly.  J.H.  Marshall, TX

I would recommend Lone Star Land Enhancement, Inc. because they kept me informed
about the job and I was very pleased with the results.  J.N.  Mineola, TX

I know there is always room for improvement, but for the life of me ~ I don’t know where.

Great job!  B.E.  Eustace, TX

I would recommend LSLE to anyone who wants to get the job done right the first time in a timely fashion. Steve did a totally awesome job. He did exactly what I wanted in less time than I thought was possible. Operator’s skill and expertise was extraordinary. Estimates were on target. I received work for every minute that was paid for. God bless him & his family.  C.H.  Grand Prairie, TX

Lone Star Land Enhancement, Inc.
UT Tyler Texas
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Mineola Nature Preserve Texas
Parrott Park Lindale Texas

Got more accomplished than originally thought possible. Talk to Steve Sawyer and let him give you a quote.  You will be satisfied.  S.G.  Palestine, TX

Lone Star Land Enhancement, Inc.   *   PO Box 1264   *   Lindale, TX 75771   *   903-881-8400

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The guys did a great job. I’ve received numerous comments and I always give out your name.

M.C.  Lindale, TX

We want you to know how pleased we are with the work on our property.  It was great to be able to walk through safely and see what's there.  It was amazing!   R.B.  Grand Saline, TX

Thanks for the great service! Looks great! Even better, it works great!    J.J.  Longview, TX

I just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know I appreciate you working me into your schedule and getting me taken care of this time while I was in town. Also wanted to let you know your operator did a great job and was great to work with. I will be recommending you guys if anyone ever asks for sure.  K. S.  Overton, TX

My husband and I are so pleased with the work performed by the Gyro Trac T3. The pasture that was reclaimed by Mother Nature was so thick with vegetation you could hardly walk on it. After two and a half days of clearing, we are now ready to start building our future retirement home. The expense of using your machine was a value compared to the other methods of clearing land.

M. A.  Yantis, TX

I am really impressed in your work and how much you were able to shred.  Had I known you were able to get at the bigger stuff I would have called you in a while back instead of trying to cut up those brush piles myself.  :)

D. M. Lake Tawakoni, TX

Land Clearing Services

Thank you – were are so pleased with the outcome.  Steve did an amazing job.  I’m sure we will call you again!!  L.M.  Tyler, TX

Land Clearing Services

Thanks, Steve.  It looks great around here! You added to the value of our place.    J.L.  Ben Wheeler, TX

Land Clearing Customers

Thanks.  Please tell Steve and the crew how pleased we are with the work they did.  We are already thinking of other project for the crew to do and I will contact you after the first of the year.  S.T.  Dallas, TX

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